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Hundreds Of Homeowners In Massachusetts Prefer Our Residential Fencing Solutions

We are called Rodriguez Fence because we do fences and we’re good at it. That’s our core product, after all. As a family owned business we also understand the importance of feeling safe in your own home so our Residential Fencing Solutions are aimed to bring you the peace of mind and privacy that you deserve. Give us a call right now if you need assistance!

Iron & Aluminum Fences

Beautiful as ornamental fences in any property. However, they’re exceptionally sturdy and durable as well.


Our wood fence sections are made by hand, not using a nailgun. With our aluminum nails, the nails neither rust nor pop-out.


Less expensive than other choices but with a great lifespan. Vinyl fences easily increase your property’s privacy.

Chain Link

The perfect choice to quickly surround a property without having to worry about breaking the bank.

We Will Help You Renovate And Repair Your Old Fence

Or completely replace it and install a new one if you need. We offer a variety of solutions that you’ll find convenient because they can perfectly fit many budgets and tastes. We will repair your fence if it has suffered damage from:

  • Wear and Tear: Over time, it’s completely normal that fences will start showing signs of deterioration. Even the most durable materials will need maintenance every now and then.
  • Vehicles & Hits: For many reasons a car could hit a fence which can certainly cause some major damages. Even accidentally hitting your fence could affect its integrity.
  • Severe Weather: Being an external structure that is constantly resisting the elements fences take severe damage from high winds and torrential downpour.

Why Choose Us?

A friendly and knowledgeable team is something you can definitely expect from working with us. We are committed to excellence in design and execution, and our ironclad 2-Year guarantee is unmatched. Call us today for a Free Estimate!

Get in Touch!

Once you get in touch with Rodriguez Fence and see our work you’ll understand why every single customer is satisfied. You’ll be impressed with our workmanship.

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To arrange a free quote or estimate for you project, give us a call or
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