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Commercial Fencing in Massachusetts

During our 27+ years of service to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we have earned a place as one of the most reliable providers of perimeter security to businesses and other commercial clients statewide. Contact us at (781) 913-0183!

Iron & Aluminum Fences

These solid and great-looking fences are often preferred over chain link by some customers. Whether you’re looking for an iron or aluminum option, our experienced team has the knowledge to get you a great-looking ornamental fence while providing exceptional security. We don’t shy away from any project, no matter how big it is.

Chain Link

Chain link fences come in a variety of sizes and gauges. Each variation serves a different purpose and makes a better choice for certain applications. The size, gauge and diamond size of a fencing you would use on a tennis court will not be the same as the one you would use on a parking lot for example. Our experienced professionals will help you make the best choice for chain link fence solutions.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is becoming increasingly popular due to the minimal maintenance required and the warranties offered. This is a great way to keep a property well delimited while also allowing for a lot of styles and color combinations. Every work we perform is backed up by our 2 Year Warranty.

At Rodriguez Fence, we install and enhance commercial fencing to fit all types requirements, from aesthetically improving a property to increasing its security. We know that the needs of a commercial client demand a superior fencing solution that allows to keep properties, tenants and customers safe.

  • We always aim for quality
  • We install, maintain and repair fences with attention to every detail
  • We can meet the demands of even the most discerning customer
  • We offer a strong service that can hardly be matched
  • We take the hassle out installing fences

Not Sure Yet?

If you are not completely sure of what fencing solution best fits your needs get in touch with us. We provide completely Free Estimates and Royalties for Recommendations. Call us right now!

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Once you get in touch with Rodriguez Fence and see our work you’ll understand why every single customer is satisfied. You’ll be impressed with our workmanship.

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